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    Maisie Williams is an English on-screen character making her TV debut in HBO’s Game of Thrones, where she fills the role of Arya Stark. She is right given, however plays Arya as left-gave, as in the books. She was a bit of the underlying featuring cast and remains a person from the featuring cast for the 6th season. 

    Williams has not read the books, but instead has scrutinized outlines of what happens to Arya in later books. She expressed that she picked not to scrutinize the books in light of the fact that the TV adjustment shortens a great deal of material, and she was worried that she would get confounded, constructing her responses with respect to focuses from the books which don’t exist for Arya in the TV form.

    Film understudies in Los Angeles were shocked on Sunday night when Maisie Williams smashed their “Round of Thrones” season 6 debut seeing gathering. 

    The English on-screen character, who plays Arya Stark in the HBO epic dream sensation, appeared to their bash waving snacks, and chronicled the entire night on online networking.

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